Update: Recent Ideas:

  • Emphasize “Skill Rotation”:  Benefits:
    • Swapping subjects, work on one thing until hit a mental roadblock:
      • Work on something else, your brain will keep thinking about the problem subconsciously
    •  Interconnectivity of subjects, improve upon one subject by learning others and comparing the similarities
  • Experience Points
    • Pieces of information that may seem random and isolated are often part of a greater category: Things you know 😉
    • Imagine it biologically: compare to the way your brain physically (or mentally?) works.
    • MAKE:  Submit form to “add exp”, throws it into the pot and categorizes it later, or choose a category and add it to the pile of exp.
  • The Brain & Modeling Skills
    • look more into this:  disregard conventional methods of learning, and learn about the brain.
    • Accept the permanence of any existing model, and expect to scrap future ideas too.
  • Knowledge Mangement
    • databases, skill maps, visualizations, musicalizations (lol not even a word), try out different ways of envisioning/portraying knowledge
    • After you dump your exp. & your thoughts, what is an efficient way to categorize it so that you can remember it again
    • Once again, look into how the brain itself does this: model based on that
  • Biology as a model
    • life, well-done.  You (mother-earth?) have been working on this shit for a long time.  You started as a collection of atoms, and now you’ve gained complexity to the point of making brains capable of documentation
      • Humanity, what.  Still a work in progress of course, but I’ve got to say: quality work.  Who would’ve imagined that a meat bag full of water would’ve built telescopes, computers, and rockets.
    • Anyway, tangent aside:
      • Use biological organs and other features of organic molecules as models for doing stuff.
      • After all, we = life, and therefore anything we do is a “feature of organic molecules” on a hyper-complex level
        • (depending on your perspective.  For all we know, WE  are the simple beings who are extremely predictable to some other form of consciousness )
    • Just kidding, more tangents.
      • Use nature’s brain design as a model for learning skills.
      • Learn about brain, Learn about learning → learn about anything!


This is “popskillz” , the name is unimportant ATM, but here is the idea:

Combining the fun and motivation of games and skills, with the accomplishments we strive for and the “training” we do everyday!

Let’s make a video game with skills: you gain “Experience” by working on your projects, ideas, dreams, or even just some mundane tasks.

Ideas on how this will be fun and productive:

Skill Rotation
When you slow down on one thing, swap to something else!

Give yourself (or award others) with exp points for work or learning

Randomize Skills
the rotation can give you something random to work on again that you may have forgotten about, but might peak your interest again!

Rediscover Old Skills
When something hasn’t been high priority, it can get reshuffled back up, and you can rediscover an old passion or idea 😀