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The Return of Trade!

Ah, the market: a place that has existed for as long as humans have traded.  And humans always trade.  Whether it is food, information, services, or a friendly "hello", humans love to trade with one another.  It's what we do!  We are social creatures, and nothing is more social than trade (especially trading conversation!) What is … Continue reading The Return of Trade!

Short Story: The Wanderer of the Room.

I don't always write short stories, but when I do, I make them stimulating for the mind (or at least I try).  This will take only about 3-4 minutes to read, but I promise the reader that if you take a moment to consider what has been said, you will be left with some delicious … Continue reading Short Story: The Wanderer of the Room.

Google Tricks: Related Searches

Yes, there is a lot out there.  After searching around, I realized it would be more helpful to describe HOW to search around, and find what you need.  Here's some more google trickery. To start, I will introduce you to this google search command you probably have never used (or in my case, never knew … Continue reading Google Tricks: Related Searches

Learning to Learn – Finding Resources

How do you find Quality Learning Resources?  Quality Courses?  Do you want to learn, but find yourself sifting through the internet to find the best materials?  Here are some helpful tips. I am on a mission of "Learning how to Learn".  This is a work in progress, and is part of series, which will eventually … Continue reading Learning to Learn – Finding Resources

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

Is there something you want to learn?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Feel like the task is too difficult?  Fear not!  There is hope! We are all beginners. As children, everything is new.  There are infinite unknowns in this strange new world, and each new unknown that you discover is a profound experience.  As time goes … Continue reading Learning to Learn

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

Since it is the 4th of July, I wanted to post some of the text from the Declaration of Independence. It's very well-written (especially the beginning), and is worth taking a moment to read again. After all, the United States has an entire holiday dedicated to the 4th of July 1776, the day that the … Continue reading The Declaration of Independence