About Popcrate

I am Popcrate, and this is my wordpress test website, which I will use to document the various projects I am working on, and post things about stuff.

More about me and what I believe in:

Importance of Exploring the Universe

Primarily, I believe humanity’s most important goal is to explore the rest of the universe around us.  Life is beautiful, and as an organism, I donate my consciousness to this great undertaking of mobilizing life beyond this planet, and preserving the existence of life into the future of the universe.

Education and Learning

Every being on this planet should be cherished, and we should all make an effort to teach those around us.  Whether it be supporting traditional education, providing resources for others online, or simply helping somebody with their homework, all humans MUST be given MANY chances to learn.

The Power of Creativity

I love math and science, but I love music, art, and creativity more.  Everybody’s creative project should and must be encouraged.  If you ever have to inclination to write, draw, play music, build, or create anything: act on it, and do not hold back.  Creativity is the greatest gift given to humanity and life: go make something awesome!