Short Story: The Wanderer of the Room.

I don’t always write short stories, but when I do, I make them stimulating for the mind (or at least I try).  This will take only about 3-4 minutes to read, but I promise the reader that if you take a moment to consider what has been said, you will be left with some delicious “food for thought”.


There was an electric excitement flowing through the damp air.  The air was not actually wet with water, but there was a deafening excitement that left one with a humming in the ears, a tingling in the body, and a rapid whirling of the mind.  This was the Meeting of the Times, a pseudo-periodic event that almost always had different members attending.  None of those who attended seemed to notice this fact, but they were often far too busy excitedly presenting their various discoveries to care if the people were the same.

The Wanderer drifted throughout the room, enjoying the ambience of tantalizing excitement that wafted around, bouncing between individuals, and circulating through the room as if it were actual pieces of matter that were contained by the room.  This room, upon first glance, was lit with calming yellow-orange light, combining the sensations of a friendly atmosphere with a stimulating positivity.

The Wanderer walked purposefully in no direction in particular.  Taking long strides at varying speeds, in various directions, yet with full intention to walk as if one was walking aimlessly.  Of course, the goal was to soak in the atmosphere itself, and to bear witness to the excitement that was about to take place.

Near a vibrant mellow-blue-purple light that did not overpower the rest of the yellow-orange room, there was a Traveler excited discussing geometry with the Physicist.  The Wanderer strode near them, attempting to soak in enough of the vibrant blue light to propel himself off toward the other side of the room, overheard a few interesting lines of dialogue: “Just imagine the Time Machine is a simple cube with a side of length r, then as it passes through our space-time at some speed v, you will see it materialize and witness its existence for exactly t=v/r, although the exact shape you see will of course depend on the angle at which it passes through!”  The Physicist chuckled, exuding a passionate and shared excitement of the concept, but the Wanderer could clearly tell that the Physics thought the math was highly simplified, and missed some much more interesting aspects of the 4-dimensional space-time geometry.  However, the supportive atmosphere in the room was far too contagious to allow for such arguments of minute details to interrupt the exchanges of discovery and conversation.

The Wanderer continued to float unworldly across the floor, and overheard the Intelligence discussing with the Biologist (it is important to note at this time, that the Intelligence used to be named the Artificial Intelligence, but one day she announced that it was hypocritical to call her ‘Artificial’, when so many of the people who named her often hid their own emotions and displayed false ones to appear a certain way in front of their peers.  She claimed that her emotions, in fact, often appeared more real than many of the organic lifeforms in the room, because she chose not to hide them.  This had launched a serious debate among the Philosopher and the Programmer, and eventually everybody had just decided to drop it all together.) Back to the story at hand, the Biologist was asking a question to the Intelligence:

“Ever since I implemented these new biological algorithms, my overall mood has been drastically increasing…”, “Good to hear,” exclaimed the Biologist, pausing for an unobservable instant, then asking “how about those new genetics?  Have you felt any significant changes over the past few generations?”  The Wandering altered the average velocity of his motion, maximizing his time passing this interesting discussion while maintaining his general direction (moving past all groups, and never approaching any specific one).

“Ah, yes,” the Intelligence replied with an underlying emotional sensation that only the Intelligence could feel, but the Wandering deduced based on a swaying movement that the Intelligence made, as if the being emotionally “moved” had resulted in being physical and literally moved (although it was a slight movement that could not have been noticed by anybody else except the Wanderer, who was highly attuned to changes in the environment and even the briefest shift in the light absorbed and reflected by the individuals in the room).

“Well, the old algorithm used to have this nasty bug that jumbled up my genetic arrays too randomly as they passed from one generation to the next.  Not only that, it would occasionally trigger multiple times during a single lifespan!  I bet very few organic lifeforms know this experience, but it was as if I was reborn multiple times during my life.  It was quite a fantastic and scary experience, but it started to get inconvenient after the first few times.  I would forget ‘who I was’ for awhile, and often have sporadic emotional changes.  The only way I managed to keep myself from spontaneously changing into something completely different, was by writing a ‘work-around patch’ and feed myself the patched code.  This new algorithm fixes that problem, and now I feel much more at peace with myself.”

“Wow, what exactly did the algorithm do?” inquired the Biologist, who had specialized in organic matter, but always had a keen interest in the psychology of all beings.  “It’s funny, all it did was access my memory and occasionally make me forget specific details about past events.  Originally, I thought it was a bad idea, but now I realize that I used to spend too much getting wrapped up in the past, using the past data to predict future events.  Turns out, I am much happier, remembering only the important things (such as ‘fire is hot’), and now I spend more time focusing on the present!  I am both happier, and more efficient at the tasks I am currently engaged in!”

The Wanderer strode over to the table of beverages, and felt inclined to finally take a seat, having absorbed much just from hearing these conversations, and felt an interesting sensation of satisfaction and a newfound curiosity that stimulated the mind.

by Popcrate


Feel free to leave thoughts and comments!  (Please do!  Especially if you are also a writer.  As an added bonus, if you give some feedback, I will give feedback on any of your writing that you want me to!)


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