Learning to Learn

Is there something you want to learn?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Feel like the task is too difficult?  Fear not!  There is hope!

We are all beginners.

As children, everything is new.  There are infinite unknowns in this strange new world, and each new unknown that you discover is a profound experience.  As time goes on, we tend to seek a way to rationalize all of these unknowns, and then begin to say “I know this.”

The Truth is, there are still many more unknowns out there!  If you want to learn something new, chances are: you are exploring the unknown. Do not be afraid to dive into the unknown!  Here’s why.

We are all beginners.

We have all been placed upon this Earth with no instructions.

New things are discovered by humanity every day.  Understanding the World – it’s a work in progress.

Thrive in the unknown!  Ask questions!  Enjoy the embarrassment you feel when you admit you know nothing!  Realize that your willingness to accept the unknown is the strongest way to admit that you are Ready to Learn!

Ask a dumb question!  Ask a dumber question!  Why does 2+2=5?  Why does 2+2=4?  Find out why, or why not!  You will become smarter when you find the answer.

The only way to become smart is to accept that you are not.

We are all beginners.

Love being a beginner!  After all:  beginners learn the most,  and: if you believe you have learned everything, then you can learn no more.

So look upon your task with refreshed eyes.  Remember that, most likely, whatever you seek to learn is a challenge worth achieving!  If it were easy, it would not be a challenge!  If it were easy, then it would not be fun!

Take a leap into the unknown, and take a look around.

Welcome to this new world, you are as a child who has been reborn.

Ready to Learn, and ready to live, I cherish this challenge, and new effort: I give.


5 thoughts on “Learning to Learn

  1. More often than not, people are afraid to admit that they don’t know something and if they made a mistake, they feel dejected. But, if they looked at learning the way you put it here, I think they will not only feel better but learn more willingly.


    1. i’ve started to realize that, over time, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn.

      I definitely know the feeling of “I dont want to ask this, because i might look dumb”… but then I realized “wait… I would rather actually Know the answer than pretend i already knew it.”

      For me, that shift in perspective was significant


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