The Story of the Survivalist on Earth.

To call one a survivalist is an oversimplification.
To say one is highly adaptable to an environment,
does not give proper justice to the implications of the description.

Welcome to existence.
That is all.

You find yourself on a unknown game board, with unknown rules…

Here is a story of the survivalist…

Well, I guess I should come to terms with this existence then.
Hmm, to start, let’s say that I am life…
That will have to do for now…
I’ll think of something more clever later on, once I figure out what it’s good for.


Alright, I guess I am on the move…
I’m going from… one place to the other…
Let’s call it space.
I have a strong desire to move through space.

What’s this! I found a thing!
I really wanted that thing.
Let’s call it food,
I like food.

Apparently, what I do is move through space to find food.

… (time passes, and the complexity of life increases) …


Alright, well I experienced a lot more of that whole existence and discovery…  One thing that really bothers me…  Is I still can’t figure out what the purpose of this life is.

All that I know, is that my purpose is to continue.

Generations have passed, knowledge has been passed down, although it has been shattered into a million pieces of information.  Slowly I am developing new ways to communicate with my future life forms, overall, each generation lives a bit more complexly, and discovers something new.

Let’s see where this takes us.

… (more time passes, and life begins to flourish) …



Excerpt: the Silent Survivalist:

Throughout the passage of time and generations of life, there is always a silent survivalist.  The silent one rarely speaks, and rarely has a need to.  Most often the purpose of the sound is to find food, water, shelter, or children.

Yet the silent one, when relaxing from movement, will listen.  The silent one grows wise, and when the silence speaks: everyone else will listen.  We all learn from the silent survivalist.

The silent survivalist outlives us all, but on occasional, interferes briefly with our disputes, and always sets in motion the resolution of our disputes, although we solve the problem ourselves, and forget the original contribution, the silent survivalist indirectly resolved the issue.

One can survive alone for only one lifetime,
but the true survivalist will live to enable future generations to survive.


Return to the Story…

We have advanced together as society, and have composed powerful tools from our environment.  We are discovering the maximum constraints of our ability to move within the space while remaining alive.


Through Trial and Error, transmission of information, and sheer willpower to survive… we have remained alive for countless generations.

Now, we are put to a different kind of test, because… for many generation, the survivalist could survive by decisively, powerfully, or carefully, moving through space to find food.

This is no longer the case.  The true survivalist knows that survival includes all implications of adaptability…  The Mind must adapt, and experiments must be conducted, in the usefulness of various aspects of emotion, intellect, communication, creativity, and other descriptive attributes…


We are on a island in a sea of that which we cannot sail through without meeting certain demise.  The silent survivalist has been studying the bounds of this spatial existence,
since earliest reasonable generation within these same bounds: on this same planet.
And the survivalist knows that traditional means of traversing space will not be effective.

The silent survivalist knows when to listen, and knows when to speak.

The modern survivalist could write a story, document an experiment, compose a song, builds a technology…

The modern survivalist could speak useful words to another, encourages creativity in children,and knows that one generation is not as important as the future of all generations.

As we spin in circles, orbiting through space, still pondering the purpose of it all,  we all have something to learn from the silent survivalist.


contour plot with arrows

Written by Popcrate.

Pondering the meaning of survival, adaptability, and its implications beyond one generation.


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