My Musical Composition Experiment

My desire to compose music has been rekindled!  After Discovering MuseScore, an open-source music notation software, I’m currently in the process of running a creative experiment – create a song (or collection of songs) from start to finish – First creating sheet music, then performing & recording, or synthesizing using a computer, then remastering and finally producing.

Current Work in Progress:

MuseScore has a very cool feature on the website that allows one to playback their sheet music.  While listening to the playback, you can see the current measure in the score, and can follow the notes with the song!  Here is an example of a composition I am working on (and am particularly proud of, so far):


Its Another Start – VERSION 07 by popcrate

My Creative Experiment Procedure

  • Improvise Spontaneously
    • Use phone to record random outbursts of song, or bits of humming, or other forms of sound waves.
    • Upon thinking of something, Immediately write down thoughts, ideas, melodies, etc.
  • Write Sheet Music
    • Use MuseScore to turn random outbursts of music into tangible notes.
    • (I am discovering that just using MuseScore results in a lot of good inspiration, and is faster than writing notes down on paper, for me.)
  • Perform + Synthesize
    • Once musical notes have been written, and the score is (somewhat) completed. Attempt to play it on an instrument.
    • If playing it 100% live is not going to happen… Record parts of the performance, and splice them together using software.
    • Add sweet synthesizer sounds, and experiment with different ways of creating sound waves, in general.
  • Audio Science/Engineering
    • Use techniques like: compression, limiting, equalizing, reverb, etc.
    • Bring the song to actual production quality, so that it actually sounds professional.
    • This step will be the most challenging for me, because I haven’t done much in this area beyond mess around with Audacity.
  • Share with anybody who will listen!
    • Finished music will be made entirely free, uploaded throughout the internet. My license of choice is the Public Domain, or possibly Creative Commons.
    • Video/music websites, torrent sites, internet archive, personal sites, etc.
    • Use techniques of cryptography to create some signatures, which confirm donation methods (like bitcoin addresses.)


  • My number 1 goal is to have fun (obviously). I’ve always enjoyed making music and want to try to create some finished projects.
  • The reason I’m typing all this out is partly so I don’t forget it, and also to give some structure to process.
  • Another one of my goals is to use as many free/open-source software components as possible. I want to prove to myself (and others), that the great music can be created by anybody who is passionate, regardless of the cost. There are many great software projects out there, and I am still discovering more! (If anybody knows of some noteworthy mentions, please let me know!)

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