The Things that Remain

They argued, and debated, and took sides.  They shouted opinions, and thoughts, and followed each other’s daily movements.  They slandered one another, provoked one another.  Some spoke truth, some spoke lies, some spoke both.  In the end, when the dust began to fall, and the talk shows moved onto to another issue, and the internet forums were filled with other issues, and the years past…

The things that mattered were the buildings built, the organizations that remained, and the way the Earth was changed.

We look back unto our history and we see the pyramids, and the fragments of civilizations, and the fossils.

Our modern age was shaped by the movements of these civilizations, but when time passes, and people move, and the impossible becomes common, and when technologies advance…

All that matters is what we have created that lasts.

The sound we emit from our mouths fades, and the stone remains.

Do not let the chatter cloud your vision from the actions.

Do not forget that powers change and people change, but imprints upon the Earth will remain.

When you commit to an action, think about the future, not about the past thoughts that led you to that action.

Think about the future you are creating, and the history you are writing, and the world that you are influencing.

Create the history that you always wanted to hear about.
Create a world you are proud to live in.


Image Credits: Sayce, A. H. (Archibald Henry), 1845-1933


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