Who is Worthy of this World?


What is this “worth” and who’s worthy of this world?
If both woman and man welcome hate when it’s hurled?
If wrath is unwrapping, and the worldly can’t Wait,
Will you Wallow, Wish, or Wonder, or will you Retaliate?

If none are liberated, with who can you debate?
If all are instigated, with who can you relate?
When minds are stimulated, we are free to choose our fate.
When binds are reinstated, we are frozen at the same gate.

so I welcome all wisdom, and will wonder who escapes,
From the wrath of the blinded, while the wasted mind waits,
and the hopes of the heartless: grow hearty with weight,
Those who don’t stand for freedom, have surrended. They abdicate.

Will you speak? Or be stagnant?
Will you struggle and strive…
for a world that worth wandering…
with awe, and with pride?

I digress, and return to this mind-boggling feat,
We congress, we must turn, we must face up from feet.
With our speech and our thoughts, we must be free from defeat,
We must fight, famed and fearless, and must never retreat.

If you fight for this world,
then we fight by your side,
We are frenzied with fury,
we fight against lies.

And we fight for the freedom,
to share knowledge and live,
in a world that is worthy,
for all those within.


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