People Will Believe Anything

Life is adapative, and people are too.  We adapt to almost any environment we find ourselves in.  Hungry?  You look for food, wherever it may.  Cold?  You look for a source of heat.  In the process of finding the resources we need or desire, we discover patterns:  “I recall that the grocery store has food, and so I will go there”  

We create a world around us based upon our experiences and the patterns we recognize.  This is a survival instinct, and so we are inheritantly skilled in this ability.

As a result, we find patterns even when there are none there, and make connections based on imagination.  This is useful, and helps us survive.  However, it also allows us to believe in the impossible, and so even the most stubborn people are gullible, because we are naturally adaptive.

So think about what you read, hear, or assume.  How often do you blindly accept things as fact and truth?  How often do you blindly shun another as lies and deciete?  Can you REALLY tell the difference?  You might think so, but most likely you are fooling yourself.

Even Einstein brushed past the idea that the universe was expanding when he first discovered the evidence.  Not a single person is immune to making false assumptions.

Question everything, and even question yourself and your mind, on occasion.  Intuition is useful, but it does not provide absolute truth.  If you seek the truth, you must look past your your prejudices and previous mindsets.

View the world with a fresh mind, like that of a child who never stops asking “why?” … and never accept a definitive “because.” as an answer, because most likely it is wrong.


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