Why You Must Fight for the Freedom of Knowledge.

Humanity must work together to solve the problems we face on a global scale.

No single entity, government, company, or organization can solely achieve this.

All entities must willingly combine forces, skills, abilities, influences, communications, and connections in order to achieve this.

Open Access needs to be granted to knowledge, research, and discoveries.

Censorship of any kind will only inhibit humanity’s ability to work together.


Throughout history, there has been a battle between those who wish to control information, and those who wish to set it free. Looking past profit and greed, there is a reasonable mentality for supporting the control of information. Humans can not always work for free, they require food, water, shelter and other essentials for survival. In order to continue quality of work, these needs must be met.

However, the money is not always reaching those who write their discoveries, and those who work the hardest. This must change.

Intellectual Property is a misnomer, no single entity owns their intellect. One builds knowledge on the shoulders of others. While it is true that one deserves credit for their work, the act of disabling others to share this work is an injustice to humanity, and renders the work as useless.

A solution to this problem is more important than any other.

Without knowledge, education, and the ability to access it: Humans will not be able to make informed decisions, and will not be able to solve other complex problem they face. Until this problem is solved, humanity will continue to shuffle their feet slowly toward solutions, and when the day come that Earth is in mortal peril, Earth’s population might not be ready to act.


This document will be ever-changing and is only the beginning of a greater work. I encourage all who are interested to contribute, communicate, and discuss by any means necessary.


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