It is You Who Creates Tomorrow.

​As I looked at the sky, the world felt like it was rushing past me like wind, I felt time rotating beneath me as if, for a moment, I experienced the rotation of the Earth itself.

Still awake, I woke up.  As if I had stepped into a time machine, I glimpsed the present from the perspective of one from the distant future. 

 I looked around, admiring the beauty of the Earth.  Stunned by a revelation of time, I realized how humanity stumbles through the universe, bumping molecules here and there.  Runnings circles around a rock, always in search for survival and a better future.

This future was bleak, if not mystical. 

 We marvel at how those from the past lived such crude lives.  Yet, we forget to realize those people were our Very Recent Ancestors. 

 And it was they who created Today, and it is You who creates Tomorrow.


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