Freewrite: Clarity of Thought

In an attempt to interpret reality, it is easy to overlook truth, when in face of emotion.

When in attempt to interpret observation, it is easy to overlook truth in one’s emotion, when in the face of facts.

But a fact is not the same as a truth, and that which is claimed to be the truth is not always so.

When one accepts that all souls are equal, that all of humanity is young, that there are no experts, only students of varying subjects and skill on an everlasting trail toward knowledge: Clarity of thought is produced.

With clarity of thought, one can separate truth from lie, fact from fiction, and see that none are important.  Time and causality are immutable in the majority of situations for when thought will prove useful.  One event leads to another, and matter is neither created nor destroyed, but simply pushed from one form into another.

This clarity of thought allows one to deduce the most complex of solution, and solve the most complex of problem.  It may not provide an answer worthy of eternal truth, but it will almost always provide “truth enough” that it will surpass all other current solutions in precision and correctness, and it will endure many forms of objection.


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