Freewrite: Unreservedly, unequivocally, and ambiguously writing balderdash.


Time = 1

As the water formed the cloud, and the air pushed the water, the force severed the branch, which fell unto the power line, which prevented the electron: from flowing to the light.  Another light turned on it, but this light was in the brain.  Free of distraction, the neurons began their own electrical dance.  Creativity was found.

Time = ???

A pocket of time fractured, and the reader poured into the past...

with as much control of their grasp on reality...

as the raindrops did in grasping the concept of a storm.
(although many of the raindrops have informed me

that it was great to see their brothers and sisters again)...

Time = -1

The water formed the cloud, the air pushed the water, the lightning struck the ground.  Someone, somewhere, had an idea.  They watched from atop a mountain as lightning danced through the air, apparently random in its journey toward the ground.  This human noticed something:  The lightning landed in the same spot twice.

This was not random at all.


∑∞ = now
The gas formed the cloud, the cloud formed the space, the space folded into time:

A human watched the milky way galaxy from a free-floating planet. (in reality it was an asteroid, but as it keeps telling me: ‘I used to be a planet, and I still feel like one’)

This human watched as the Andromeda galaxy merged with the milky way, forming brilliant combinations of light and great clouds composed of millions of different star systems whizzing past each other.

Every other human was too busy with their daily affairs on other planets to ‘waste time’ watching the formation of galaxies.

With a great crash, the asteroid collided with a metallic object, invoking a surge of energy resembling lightning, (but was in fact, absolutely nothing like lightning).  The energy rebounded throughout the entire galaxy, but it always ended in the same star system.

The human watched in amazement, almost frightened but mostly excited:  an idea was formed.

This was not random at all.

Time = now

When you stop watching that which is always placed directly in front of you, who knows what you might see.


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