The will to survive.

Trapped in their snow globe of melting ice, the humans noisily bustled around in both excitement and dissatisfaction.  discovering, extracting, building, and destroying: they circled endless around in this globe, constantly arguing.  A billion miles away, the universe was watching.. and waiting… because these humans had a limited amount of time left ln their blissful planet.

Other Life in the universe watched, eagerly awaiting humanity to resolve its internal disputes.  “Why do they waste time to fight and argue amongst themselves?  Why will they not work together?”, a young lifeform asked…  another replied “Not every planet survives, and neither does every source of life, my child.   It will be interesting to see if humanity and Earth will survive, and join the rest of us in the Universe.”


Somewhere: two humans, of radically different opinions, decided to work together, instead of squabble themselves into inactivity.  Humanity took one step closer to survival.

Which step will you take?


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