Record your Improvisation

Since inspiration can appear at anytime (and often does), try to capture the spirit of improvisation by recording the entire session, including the bad parts.  Basically, when I randomly start humming, singing, or playing piano, or using something as an instrument in a burst of spontaneity, I will (if I remember to) record the sounds.  Anything that records will work, and I find that my phone is usually the first recording device within reach.

My process goes something like this:

  • “omg, music in my brain…” (starts pressing ‘random’ keys on the piano)
  • “oh yeah, almost forgot” (starts recording)
  • Send, or transfer, files to a computer
  • Backup the Files EVERYWHERE

Recording your improvisation is beneficial because you can capture those really awesome moments that you wouldn’t have been able to normally… And then turn them into awesome shareable music later 😉



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