Internet Health Report

Mozilla Foundation first release of a new open source initiative about current internet issues: Privacy, Encryption, Company Control, Government Regulations Worldwide, Inclusivity, Web Literacy, and more.

Link to ‘Internet Health Report’ by Mozilla Foundation

Privacy and Security

“Above all, we should be more critical about what information we share voluntarily. Will the online dating profile you posted 6 years ago ever get deleted? How long do the online ads you view track you? Even if you’d like to know the privacy conditions of online platforms, they are usually not written in language an average person understands.”


“Over 1 billion websites exist as a result of the decentralized domain name system (DNS) that catalogues all Web addresses. Around 27% of these websites are powered by WordPress.”

Open Innovation

““Open” means that anyone can publish or invent online without asking for permission, and that the technologies used to run the Web are transparent and understandable.”

Digital Inclusion

“Despite great progress in Internet adoption worldwide, access is not equally distributed. People living in wealthier countries have far greater access, and it is well documented that Internet adoption is slower for women than men almost everywhere in the world.”

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An LLC (Ladies Learning Code) learner. Photo by Cheryl Stephenson



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