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Learning to Learn:

This is a series (work in progress) of useful information I am putting together on “learning to learn”, which is for the self-learner, life-long learner, or the information-hungry people out there who want to know some quality methods for the actual learning process.

(Red Links are future pages that have not been created yet)

Short Stories:

  • The Wanderer of the Room  is about a thought-stimulating short story that touches upon the topics of Time Machines and Artificial Intelligence. (3-4 minutes read)


Bootlegger’s Corner:

Some More Stuff:

  • My Musical Composition Experiment - My desire to compose music has been rekindled!  After Discovering MuseScore, an open-source music notation software, I’m currently in the process of running a creative experiment – create a song (or collection of songs) from start to finish – First creating sheet music, then performing & recording, or synthesizing using a computer, then remastering and … Continue reading My Musical Composition Experiment