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  • The Return of Trade! - Ah, the market: a place that has existed for as long as humans have traded.  And humans always trade.  Whether it is food, information, services, or a friendly “hello”, humans love to trade with one another.  It’s what we do!  We are social creatures, and nothing is more social than trade (especially trading conversation!) What is … Continue reading The Return of Trade!
  • Short Story: The Wanderer of the Room. - I don’t always write short stories, but when I do, I make them stimulating for the mind (or at least I try).  This will take only about 3-4 minutes to read, but I promise the reader that if you take a moment to consider what has been said, you will be left with some delicious … Continue reading Short Story: The Wanderer of the Room.
  • My Musical Composition Experiment - My desire to compose music has been rekindled!  After Discovering MuseScore, an open-source music notation software, I’m currently in the process of running a creative experiment – create a song (or collection of songs) from start to finish – First creating sheet music, then performing & recording, or synthesizing using a computer, then remastering and … Continue reading My Musical Composition Experiment